Dental Cleanings Remove Tartar?

When you settle into the dentist’s chair, ready for your routine dental cleaning, you might wonder about all those tools your friendly dental hygienist wields. Among them, the mighty hero in the battle against oral villains like tartar is the scaler. So, what’s the fuss about this small but powerful instrument? 

Dental Cleanings Remove Tartar?

Tartar: The Sneaky Invader

Imagine your teeth as the citadel of a medieval castle, standing strong against invaders. However, there’s a persistent enemy that even the best brushing and flossing can’t always defeat alone: tartar. Tartar, also known as calculus, is a hardened plaque that forms on your teeth when plaque—the sticky film of bacteria—remains on them for too long. This can happen in areas you might miss during regular brushing, like along the gumline or between teeth.

Tartar isn’t just unsightly; it’s also a threat to your oral health. It creates a rough surface where more plaque can accumulate, leading to cavities and gum disease if left unchecked. This is where your dental cleaning swoops in as the hero of the day.

The Battle Plan: Dental Cleaning

Your dental cleaning is like a skilled general planning a strategic attack against tartar. Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:


Before “diving into battle,” your dental hygienist assesses the situation. They might use a small mirror to check every nook and cranny of your mouth, scouting for areas where tartar has taken hold.

The Scout’s Tool: Scaler

Once tartar’s stronghold is identified, it’s time for the trusty scaler to make its entrance. The scaler is a slender instrument with a hooked end, designed to gently but effectively chip away tartar from your teeth.

Precision Strikes: Removing Tartar

With skilled hands and precision, your hygienist starts the careful process of removing tartar. They work systematically, targeting each area where tartar has formed. The scaler’s curved tip allows them to reach around each tooth, especially in those tricky spots where brushes can’t reach.

Clean Sweep: Polishing

After the bulk of the tartar is vanquished, it’s time for the finishing touches. A gritty toothpaste-like substance is applied to your teeth with a spinning tool, polishing away any remaining tartar remnants and surface stains. This not only leaves your teeth sparkling but also creates a smoother surface, making it harder for plaque to cling on in the future.

The Shield: Fluoride Treatment

To fortify your teeth against future attacks, your team may apply a fluoride treatment. Fluoride is like a protective shield for your enamel. It makes it more resistant to acid attacks from bacteria.

Victory Celebration: Healthy Smile

As you rinse your mouth and run your tongue over your smooth, clean teeth, you can celebrate a victory against tartar! Your dental cleaning has not only removed tartar, but it has also set the stage for healthier gums and teeth.

Maintaining the Peace: Your Role

While your dental cleaning team is the hero of the day, you play a crucial role in maintaining the peace in your oral kingdom. Regular brushing and flossing are your trusty soldiers in the fight against tartar buildup. Remember to visit your dental castle (aka, the dentist’s office) at least twice a year for reinforcements in the form of professional cleanings.