Custom Mouthguard Groesbeck, TX

Sports like soccer, football, and basketball increase your risk of injury. Any sport with contact between players is risky. Using the proper protective equipment can prevent trauma. Protecting your mouth while playing sports is essential. We can create a custom mouthguard in Groesbeck, TX, to help protect your teeth, gums, and braces.

Athletic mouthguards are a part of our general dentistry services. Wearing a sports mouthguard can prevent tooth chips, cracks, and fractures. Mouthguards can also prevent damage to metal braces. A custom mouthguard can help minimize shock from hits to the face or mouth, reducing the risk of tooth loss and damage. Both children and adults can receive custom-made mouthguards to wear while playing sports. 

Custom Mouthguard in Groesbeck TX

Getting a Custom Mouthguard in Groesbeck, TX

You’ve likely come across store-bought mouthguards when searching for a sports mouthguard. These “boil-and-bite” mouthguards may promise a custom fit, but they do not offer as precise a fit as professionally-made mouthguards. They also may not use quality materials.

For this reason, many patients who wear store-bought mouthguards may clench their teeth to keep their appliance in their mouth. This reduces the efficiency of the mouthguard. Continual jaw and teeth clenching can also damage the jaw joints and muscles. 

If you or your child need a sports mouthguard, contact our office. We create custom mouthguards that are unique to each patient. It takes two dental visits to receive a custom-made sports mouthguard. To begin treatment, we will take dental impressions of the teeth. We send these impressions to a dental lab, where technicians create the mouthguard according to our specifications.

At the next visit, you will receive your mouthguard. We will fit the mouthguard over your teeth to ensure it feels comfortable and fits properly. Then, you can choose the color of your mouthguard case. This is the favorite part of the process for our younger patients.

How to Clean Mouthguards

Mouthguards are simple to care for. Clean your mouthguard with liquid soap, water, and a soft-bristled toothbrush. You can use a mouthguard soak for a deeper clean. Do not use hot water because this can warp the plastic. Once your mouthguard is dry, place it in its case.

Clean your sports mouthguard after every use to prevent bacterial buildup. Bacteria can make the mouthguard smell and increase the risk of infection. You may also clean the case every few days with soap and water.

Are Mouthguards and Night Guards the Same?

No, you cannot use mouthguards and night guards interchangeably. A mouthguard is made of thick, flexible, rubbery plastic that covers the upper teeth. Night guards commonly use hard acrylic and cover either the upper or lower teeth. Sports mouthguards only cover the front of the upper teeth. A night guard creates a barrier between the upper and lower teeth.

TMJ night guards are meant to relax the jaw and prevent teeth from grinding together. If you wore a sports guard to sleep, it would easily fall out of your mouth. Additionally, if you wore a night guard during contact sports, you wouldn’t properly protect your mouth. The hard acrylic of the night guard would leave you more prone to tooth and gum damage. 

If needed, we can provide you with an athletic mouthguard and a TMJ night guard. Never use professional guards outside of their intended use.

Custom Mouthguard FAQs

Read answers to these commonly asked questions to learn more about custom mouthguard treatment:

How often should I replace my sports mouthguard?

We recommend replacing your sports mouthguard after every sports season if it loses shape. If you notice that your mouthguard feels loose or is damaged, contact us so we can make a replacement. You may need to replace your child’s mouthguard more often as they lose baby teeth and their permanent teeth grow.

How should a sports mouthguard fit?

A sports mouthguard should securely cover the upper teeth and the gum line. However,  sports mouthguards often do not cover all of the upper teeth. Mouthguards do not cover the molars because covering these teeth can make the mouthguard feel bulky and overwhelm the upper jaw. Only certain mouthguards, including boxing mouthguards, cover the upper and lower teeth.

You do not need to cover the lower teeth for most sports because the upper teeth are more prominent. The upper teeth naturally fit over the lower teeth. 

At what age should children get sports mouthguards?

Children should begin to wear a sports mouthguard when they begin playing contact sports. This means children as young as four or five must wear a mouthguard to protect their baby teeth. 

Are custom mouthguards worth it?

Yes. Mouthguards custom-made by a dental professional offer superior durability and fit. Store-bought mouthguards can fall out of the mouth. Trying to keep an ill-fitting mouthguard in your mouth can distract you during a game.

Custom sports mouthguards also stay in place without greatly impeding your speech. You can speak or call out to other teammates while wearing your mouthguard.

Why do I need a sports mouthguard if I have braces?

Wearing a sports mouthguard can minimize damage from hits to the mouth. If you wear metal braces, a mouthguard can prevent damage to the brackets and wires. Hits to the mouth can break the metal wires or damage the brackets. Wearing a mouthguard can also prevent cuts or bruising to the mouth’s soft tissues. 

Can sports mouthguards stop tooth grinding?

No, you can use a night guard if you have to grind your teeth at night. An athletic mouthguard is not meant to stop teeth grinding. Instead, a sports mouthguard covers the front of the upper teeth to minimize tooth damage. Night guards are separate appliances you can get in our dentist’s office. Night guards reduce stress on the jaw.

Protect Your Mouth During Sports

Do you need a mouthguard for the new season? Call to get your custom mouthguard in Groesbeck, TX, at (254) 556-3973. You can also schedule your next appointment at Groesbeck Family Dental online. Please let us know if you have lost or damaged your mouthguard. We can provide a replacement.